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Anni Müller: Drummer from Berlin

Born in Berlin, Anni has been learning various instruments such as classical guitar, e-bass and electric guitar since her early childhood. At the age of 14, she discovers the drums and begins to play with various bands from the varying genres rock, pop, funk and jazz. After several years of training at various percussion schools, she acquired the qualifications to become a professional musician. She impresses in particular with her timing, idiosyncratic playing and has great experience in interplay in bands and in the areas of song arrangement, studio work and live play. Meanwhile, she is internationally known as a drummer and percussionist for concerts, shows, TV appearances, DJs and various bands.

Drummer for concerts

Is the drummer down for a concert? Do you need short-term or long-term support for concerts? Contact me as soon as possible for an appointment.

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Drumming lessons from Anni Mueller

Above all, my lessons should be fun! And to work on the most important goal of drumming lessons, namely to make MUSIC. Beginners learn the basics of rock, pop, funk, and jazz, and advanced learners can improve their technique, timing, and musical understanding.

Some concerts of Anni Müller